Mission Statement

The Iraqi Human Rights Organization of the United States of America is a legal, non-profit and voluntary organization.The organization was established in the USA in the state of Michigan in 1999. The organization strives to protect the human rights of all Iraqis wherever they may be; furthermore, it advocates respect for human rights and condemns acts of violence and fanaticism. The organization supports Iraqi refugees all over the world who left their homeland due to persecution. The organization advocates for a democratic Iraq in which human rights are respected and all Iraqis are equal under the law. The organization has assembly delegates in California, Virginia and Washington, DC. and in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
The Names Board Member of Iraqi Human Rights Society U.S.A
 1   Hamid Murad  President
 2   Mahmoud ALtae  Vice President
 3   Hisham ALasady  Secretary
 4   Sameh Georges  Committee Relations Officer
 5   Samira Kory  Treasurer
 6   Wamidh Alidani  Committee Information Officer
 7   Dr. Sundos Aumarra  Women's Commission
 8   Thamir ALmaamar  Follow - up Committee
 9   Dr.Makki Taher  Commission research and Studies